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In recent years i have taken advantage of low cost airlines to visit vibrant cities such as Marrakesh and Fez in Morocco and Madrid and Valencia in spain.

Discovering new places and photographing their attractions brings my photography alive.

As a fifteen year old i took some of my first photos in Egypt and the travel bug remains.                                                

The wonderful coloured dye pots at the Tannery in Fez and the bustle of the night market in Marrakesh were the highlights of my trip to Morocco.

Madrid and the futuristic science park of Valencia offer some of Spain's best architecture seen at night.

The Metro building in Madrid and Palaces in central Madrid sparkle under neon lighting.                                                    

The Greek islands have a unique variety and charm.

Kefalonia and Zante are awash with beautiful beaches and coves while Santorini's churches and sunsets are stunning.

I have just returned from Italy this summer which is a photographic gem.

The picture postcard hillside towns of Tuscany are complemented by the leaning Tower of Pisa.                                                                    

2012 is going to be my wedding year and we will return to the USA on honeymoon.

Where else than Viva Las Vegas! Have a look at my east and west coast USA galleries for a taster.