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Wildlife gallery images are new to Phil Bartlett Photography in 2011.

The Wildlife gallery encompasses a diverse range of animals in different habitats.

Fascinating Frog and Camelion portraits were captured in the studio while Tigers, Brown Bears and the elusive Jaguar were photographed at Dartmoor Wildlife park.

Native to the Amazon basin in South America the Jaguar is an endangered species.

Unique to the U.K. Sovereign the Jaguar has hypnotic eyes and a stunning coat.

The stalking photo leaves me in no doubt that the Jaguar is a real Predator.

The first encounter with a colourful Camelion called custard was amazing.

Photographing the detail and colour of a Camelions scales is incredible.

Camelions change colour according their mood and as a defence mechanism from Predators.

The exotic Frogs clinging to leaves measured only a few centimetres but were majestic close up. 

Birds of prey typify wildlife photography and the Eagle Owl and European Buzzard photographed at Gloucesters Barn Owl centre are fantastic in flight.

Wildlife on safari is a must for future projects but Wildlife at home certainly gives a taste of nature.